Thursday, 12 January 2012

Travel to Abu Dhabi - Explore the Desert Phenomenon

Pristine beaches, modern lifestyle and skyscrapers describe the capital of United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi. One of the richest cities in the world, this unique destination offers all sorts of facilities to the tourists. 5 star hotels and restaurants abound in the city.

Flights to Abu Dhabi have increased by the dozen. The reason is that the desert city has floored tourists with its hospitality. Different sorts of flight deals are offered by travel companies. However, smart customers should always go for the best available ones.

Hoodaki is a London based travel company which offers excellent flight deals to tourists. These deals also include holiday packages and sightseeing tours. Further, the company takes care of hotel bookings and offers cars on hire to the customers. Travel insurance is also provided by Hoodaki. Travelers on budget tours are offered cheaper deals by the company.

Travel to Abu Dhabi to savor the local culture, mosques and cuisine. The people here are very tolerant and churches, temples and gurudwaras are seen along with mosques. When it comes to food, there are innumerable options available. International cuisine and fast food are pretty popular here. Visitors are advised to taste Arab food. Alcohol is only available in the bars and restaurants that are situated in the four or five star hotels.

The city is very cosmopolitan and skyscrapers are seen everywhere. The city houses the offices of various important financial institutions. It also functions as the headquarters of different multinational corporations. Further, it has grown as an important cultural centre of UAE. The roads are beautifully designed. The greenery is also maintained and gardens and parks abound everywhere.

Travel to Abu Dhabi and enjoy its relaxed atmosphere. The country has various spas and massage centers for the visitors to relax. Shopping malls and markets offer high quality materials. Elegant carpets from places as diverse as Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey and Central Asia are available here. The carpets are offered in vast designs and colors. Gold jewelry of the highest quality is provided in the markets. Further, souvenirs and local arts and crafts are also a huge craze among travelers.


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