Monday, 23 January 2012

Nigeria Flights - A tour to an extraordinary country

Lagos is a scenic port in Nigeria and the most populous city. The city is known for its unique culture and many attractions. The Lagos Lagoon is pretty famous. The city also houses the National Museum which showcases various treasures and relics. It’s a beautiful city with friendly people.

Flights to Lagos are offered from different places. Various travel companies include sightseeing tours and hotel bookings in their flight deals UK. A beautiful place, Lagos is the fastest growing city in Nigeria. Once in the city, take out some time to visit the Lekki conservation centre. Peacocks and Mona Monkeys are very common here.  Some other birds seen here are Carmelite Sunbirds, Swamp Palm Bulbuls and African Harrier Hawks. Overall, the centre has 23 bird species.

Travel to Lagos and explore numerous sights. The historic town of Badagry is a crucial part of the dark history of Africa. It is situated pretty close to Lagos. This town was the biggest centre of slave trade in West Africa. Slaves were brought from West Africa to Badagry and transported to the Americas, Europe and the Caribbean.  The town has many historic sites and relics of human slavery that are of interest to visitors.
Nigeria has ideal beaches, big rivers, magnificent waterfalls and vast tracts of unspoiled nature. Enjoy the traditional lifestyle and visit the historic places. The country offers numerous opportunities for adventure activities. Nigeria flights are provided by different travel agencies. The country has many modern airports and good connectivity with different places in the world.

Take a tour of the Yankari Game Reserve. The reserve is well protected and wildlife stock consists of elephants, baboons, waterbucks, oribi, crocodile, buffalo and many kinds of monkeys. Lions are the biggest attraction in the park. Different species of African birds are also sighted here. A visit to the Wikki Warm Springs is necessary if one is visiting the park. The months between November and May are considered the best period for a visit. Different sorts of facilities are offered to lure tourists. These include tennis courts, squash courts and gas stations.

This supreme country has earned rave reviews from tourists. Infrastructure and other facilities are being upgraded to increase the tourist influx.


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