Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Flights to Wellington - Discover a Natural Trail

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand. It is known for its awesome beauty. A Lonely Planet survey ranked it 4th among top 10 cities of the world. It’s a coastal city and has a beautiful natural harbor. The people are very friendly and a festive atmosphere prevails here.

The city attracts hordes of tourists and Flights to Wellington have also increased. Travel companies are providing many deals. These deals consist of hotel bookings and travel insurance. Many car rental companies exist in the city and customers can easily hire cars.

The majestic beauty of the city has led to it being chosen as a part of many Hollywood movies. A part of ‘The Lord of The Rings’ was also shot here. Further, the city and its adjoining areas are known for adventure tourism. Go for the supreme ‘Seal Coast Safari’. Enjoy the picturesque beauty of the mountains of the South Island. Among panoramic views, one can watch the magnificent seals. Watching them in various postures is definitely a memorable experience.

The Botanic gardens is one of the most famous places of New Zealand. It’s a great place for morning and evening walks. Various malls and restaurants provide an air of sophistication to the city. A vibrant and energetic nightlife makes it a perfectly global city.

New Zealand is a great place to spend your holidays. Tourism is a big contributor to the country’s economy. The country faces some environmental concerns due to increasing air travel. However, tourist numbers keep on growing every year.

Travel to New Zealand and enjoy sightseeing, hiking, swimming, adventure tourism and camping. The country has various natural habitats where whale sighting is a common phenomenon. Various guesthouses and restaurants offer a comfortable stay to customers.

The energetic traveler however, craves for variety. Though New Zealand is the most scenic place in the Southern hemisphere, the Northern hemisphere also has many options. A top tourist destination in this region is the UK. UK Flights are offered to UK, Wellington by different travel agencies.

UK is a historic place with countless museums and man- made attractions. Further, restaurants and guesthouses are spread all over the place. With the availability of budget tours, the tourist inflow has rapidly increased.


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