Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Flights to Lagos - Discover the thrilling City

Nigeria has emerged as a popular tourist destination in near past. A significant city and capital of Nigeria, Lagos faces some corruption and ethnic violence but whatever may be the case, it is for sure that you will still love the city. Lagos has another side which is vibrant, energetic and fun. Due to this reason, a large number of tourists visit the city each year.

Lagos is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Portugal. If you are planning to visit to a new and exciting destination, book flights to Lagos and travel to Nigeria now. The eclectic attractions of Lagos are breathtaking and you will simply find the location irresistible.

The city has numerous historic tales to narrate to its visitors and hence, there are several monuments and historic sites you shouldn’t miss. Sungbo’s Eredo is the major attraction of the city you should visit. It is the largest pre-colonial construction in Africa built about two centuries over and now it is largely covered by the rainforest. 

The other famous attractions of the city are National Museum, Lekki Conservation Centre and Zoo Lagos. Other than sightseeing in the city, you can have immense fun by indulging in number of activities and water sports. To enjoy thrilling activities such as horse riding, mountain biking Lagos boat trips, Lagos sidecar rides and a lot more just board on flights to Lagos with Hoodaki travel agents and get discounted tickets.

The city is home to people of distinct background. Right from Romans to Phoenicians and Moors everyone can be found here. The people of Lagos are fun loving and like to party hard. They are just crazy about music and like spending their evening time enjoying in pubs and bars of the city. To enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the city visit Main Square, Plum Sports CafĂ©, Von Vivant etc. 

Challenging yet lively, Lagos is a lovable city. Travel to Nigeria and discover the gems in the city by yourself.


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