Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Flights to Khartoum - Experience of a Lifetime

Khartoum is the biggest metropolis and capital of Sudan. The city’s museums and greenery lure tourists. It also has various scenic attractions. The region is famous as it is the meeting point of two branches of the Nile. The place where the confluence happens is called Al-Morgan. Legend says that one can witness the colors of both the branches of Nile. The Al-Morgan family park is also a famous tourist spot.

Khartoum international airport is among the finest airports of Sudan. However, there are plans of a new airport being developed in the city. It will be better equipped and a perfect replacement for the old one. An international hotel will also be built in its vicinity.

Flights to Khartoum are provided from different locations. A beautiful city, it has various places of interest. The National Museum will surely delight tourists. Several antiquities and historical artifacts are kept here. Even pottery, glassware, murals, frescoes, etc. are conserved here. These items offer a detailed history of Sudan. Sudan Ethnographic museum is also popular among tourists. The country’s different ethnic groups are offered recognition and their culture is displayed here. Traditional handicrafts in the museum offer knowledge about people’s lives.

The city is divided into three parts, namely, Khartoum, Khartoum North and Omdurman. One should definitely pay a visit to Souq Omdurman. It’s one of the finest markets of Africa. The market is especially famous for handicrafts. Souq Arabi is another market where one can shop to the hilt. It’s a huge market and a fine dining place.

Sudan is one of the biggest and most diverse countries of Africa. Though the country doesn’t attract many tourists, it is in a league of its own. Unparalleled natural beauty, friendly people, pristine beaches, etc. are some major highlights.

Travel to Sudan and soak in the beautiful atmosphere with Hoodaki travel agents. A tour of Port Sudan is a must do for visitors. This place has earned rave reviews due to its excellent beaches and diving spots. The place gains importance when used as a departure point by Muslim pilgrims, traveling to Mecca for Hajj.  

The country has many jewels for the traveler to unfold. A trip to this marvelous place will be a lifetime experience.     


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