Monday, 30 January 2012

Flights to Hamilton - Enjoy the breathtaking beauty

Hamilton, the scenic city is based near the mighty Waikato River. The metropolis has a sizeable population and is the 4th largest city of New Zealand. The city’s beauty matches that of the other regions of the country. Adventure sports enthusiasts will have the time of their lives. Cafes and bars can be seen everywhere. Further, the city has a rocking nightlife.

The city has good connectivity with other regions and flights to Hamilton have rapidly increased. Tour operators offer awesome packages including flight and hotel bookings. It’s a great place for activities like hiking, biking and walking. The nearby hillsides can be easily scaled. It’s always a pleasure to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the countryside. Cyclists will enjoy the beautiful tracks near the river and on the mountain flanks. South of Hamilton lays the stunning Maungatauturi natural reserve. It draws visitors due to the numerous bird species. The reserve is home to many endangered birds also.

International Flights to Hamilton land on Hamilton international airport. The Hamilton Motor Inn is situated near the airport terminal. It is very convenient and tourists are offered world class facilities. Waterways are a big attraction of Hamilton and surrounding areas. The Waikato River is a supreme place for kayaking. The other lakes of the area are also used for this sport. The river and the hydro lakes are a great place for fishing. The water here is full of trout. Other favorite sports people indulge in here are surfing, boating and waterskiing.

The city and nearby areas are famous for rare birds and animals. The call of the Kiwi is the highlight of the beautiful Maungatauturi natural reserve. Native Weta and spiders are also found here. The Otorohanga Kiwi House and Bird Aviary offer knowledge about the country’s bird-life. The reptile tuatara is highly sought after by tourists. The Hamilton zoo offers a home to many endangered animals. Some rare species include Sumatran tigers, kunekune pigs, tuatara, eastern water dragons and chimpanzees. Bird species consist of Indian and South American parrots, Blue and yellow Macau and galah cockatoo.

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