Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Flights to East London - A visual delight

East London, the beautiful city of Eastern Cape, holds many delights for tourists. It is also called Buffalo city by the locals. This coastal area is famous for beautiful beaches, wildlife and natural scenery. The weather is excellent throughout the year. The tourism industry has shown tremendous growth in recent time.

Flights to East London is offered from many destinations. Lucrative tour packages are provided by many travel companies. The packages include sightseeing tours and hotel bookings. Travel insurance is a part of many deals.

The East London airport has good connectivity with the other parts of the city and flights to East London land here.  As with the rest of South Africa, nature and greenery are an intrinsic part of the Eastern Cape region. There are ample nature reserves which draw tourists. The infrastructure and accommodation facilities have also improved.

Travel to East London and enjoy the awesome scenery. The city has many parks and a moderate climate. The temperature is usually pleasant and sunny. The beaches attract surfers and swimmers. It’s a great place for water sports. Adventure sports such as sailing, swimming, water-skiing, board-sailing and boating are a craze. Take a tour of this place and enjoy the amazing hospitality.

The East London Aquarium is a treat to the eyes. African penguins, seals and fishes are seen here. The amazing seal shows are a major attraction. Injured and lost marine animals, which land near East London’s beaches, are offered a home. They are provided the best available treatment and rehabilitation.

The East London Museum is a major highlight of the city. The original coelacanth can be seen in the Natural History gallery of this museum. This pre historic fish survived in the Indian Ocean for nearly 400 years. Assumed to be extinct, zoologists re-discovered it in 1938. The museum also has the only surviving Dodo egg.

The city has mixed ancestry and German and English lineage is found here. Excellent architecture of the 19th century fascinates tourists. Cinemas and restaurants offer entertainment. The local cuisine is worth a taste. However, international cuisine is also found here. A tour to East London is a fascinating treat.


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