Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Flights to Christchurch - The Garden City

Christchurch is considered to be the most beautiful city in New Zealand. It is also termed as a ‘garden city’ due to the many public parks within its horizons. The Southern Alps are also nearby and the majestic beauty enthralls tourists.

Many travel companies offer flights to Christchurch along with lucrative deals. These deals are very appealing to tourists and include sightseeing tours and hotel bookings. The city is a tourist hotspot and car rental shops are also available here. 

The scenic Botanical Gardens are top notch attractions of the city. The Peacock Fountain is a beautiful hallmark of the city. The gardens have variety of plants and it’s a famous place for morning and evening walks. The nearby Avon River adds to the overall beauty.

The city has earned a reputation for its involvement in Antarctic expeditions. Icons like Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton have visited the city and the port of Lyttelton has been utilized as a departure centre for different expeditions. A statue of Robert Scott within the city is a tribute to the great explorer by the residents.

However, tourists would definitely love a cruise to Kaikoura. Various marine mammals are found here and a whale watching boat tour is truly memorable. Whales, dolphins, albatross and seals are the major attractions of this region. Enjoy a lunch with your family in this amazing environment.

Flights to Christchurch have increased due to positive reviews by tourists for Hoodaki Travel UK. The city is beautifully planned and residential gardens are seen all over the place. The city has a beautiful network of cycle lanes. This helps in maintaining the overall greenery of the city.

Restaurants offer all sorts of local and international food. Further, there are various markets offering well known brands of clothes and other stuff. Maori artifacts are also very popular among visitors. Various museums showcase the local culture and the city’s history.

Travel to New Zealand to enjoy exotic locations and awesome scenery. The country has tremendous facilities for tourists. The beautiful wildlife, rivers, hills and beaches make it a jewel in earth’s crown. The supreme beauty forces visitors to return time and again.


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