Friday, 27 January 2012

Flights to Chennai - Explore the fascinating city

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu, the southernmost state of India. The city has many colonial buildings. Historic landmarks and beaches are major attractions. It is home to the Tamil film industry, which has given many stalwarts to Indian cinema. Arts and culture are given due respect and the city has a vibrant Carnatic music scene.

Flights to Chennai are provided from different locations. Tour packages offered by travel agencies include flight and hotel bookings. Many travel companies offer sightseeing tours as an added option. Cars can be hired from the car rental companies present in the city. Numerous parks and entertainment centers are present throughout the city. Forts and temples abound in this region. Temple towns like Mahabalipuram and Tirupati offer unforgettable journeys.

Flights to Chennai have increased along with its growing popularity. Fort St. George is one of the most popular monuments of Chennai. It was built by the British and completed on St. George’s Day. The Fort Museum displays various items from colonial times. Objects like weapons, coins, uniforms, medals and many items from diverse countries like England, Scotland, India, etc. are kept here. There are several letters of colonial officials, which help us in understanding the political scenario of that era. The fort also houses the St. Mary’s Church.

The Government museum is another important landmark of the city. Beautiful objects and artifacts are displayed here. Objects related to natural history, archeology, sculptures and palm-leaf manuscripts attract tourists by hordes. Many art galleries and cultural centers are present in the city. Their chief responsibility is to display Tamil and Indian culture. The city also has many places for shopping and dining. Traditional items like Palmyra-fiber handicrafts, antiques, jewelry, bronze and brass castings are popular among tourists. Metal works of Thanjavur and silks from Kanchipuram also lure visitors. Restaurants abound in the city. Local cuisine like sambhar and dosa are always in demand.

The Guindy National Park is situated within the city. It is one of the smallest national parks of the country. The park has various species of mammals. The common animals found here are blackbuck, spotted deer, jackal, small Indian civet, mongoose, etc. The park also has more than 150 species of birds. Grey partridge, parrot, quail, black-winged kite, etc. are the common birds found here.

Travel to Chennai and visit the beautiful places. The city teems with scenic beauty and is a treat for visitors.


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