Friday, 30 December 2011

Flights to India - For a Remarkable Journey

India is a land where people from different religions coexist in peace and harmony. The long intriguing history and rich culture of the country attract large number of people each year. The colorful festivals and celebrations throughout the year keep the tourists entertained during the most parts of the year.

Other than rich heritage and culture, the country is famous for its diverse landscape. India is blessed with snow-covered mountains in the north to vast sea shores and exotic backwaters in the southern part. Flights to India are available from around the globe. To book the air tickets and other travel services check out the internet. 

Cheap flights to India can be easily booked online from the websites of the airlines or through the travel companies. There are many travel companies operating in London from where you can get the tickets booked.

If you are interested in tour packages, hotel booking or travel insurance, contacting a good travel company is the best solution. Hoodaki offers great deals on flights to New Delhi, India. A trusted name in travel industry, the company provides a variety of travel services.

India has an array of attractions for the tourists of different age-group. Though the country faces some problems of a developing nation, however, as you explore the country and its countless attractions, it is very rewarding.

The magnitude of the diversity in its religions, cultures, arts and cuisines are amazing. As you enter the capital, New Delhi, you can start your sightseeing tour by visiting India Gate, Red Fort, Humayun Tomb etc.

For some trendy and cheap shopping, visit to Lajpat Nagar Market and Sarojni Nagar Market. The city also has number of huge glitzy malls. The city has a vibrant nightlife which you can enjoy visiting to number of pubs and bars of the city.

Other than Delhi, there are large number of locations in the country you should visit for extreme fun and adventure. Some of the unspoiled locations are Leh and Ladakh region, north eastern part of the country and also southern India.

India is an incredible destination and there is lot and lot to explore than what you will find in books, tour guides etc. Take a good break and board flights to India for a remarkable journey. 


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